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# 1.  I will start off with a simple trick to fix those dang screw holes or nail holes that are stripped out.  Do you ever have a loose cabinet door, bedroom door, or even on some loose parts on your furniture?  If the cause of the problem is that the screw hole is too stripped out and the screw no longer fits the hole correctly, then this is an easy fix! 

#2.  Keeping the tile, marble, grout, or shower walls clean for a longer period of time, especially from water stains and grime.


All you need to fix the problem are some household toothpicks.  Simply just stuff two or three toothpicks in the hole and break them off flush.  Then just reinstall the same old screw, and it fits nice and snug again!

Most people don't know that some of your house hold cleaners and products can be used for things other than what they say they are used for.  A helpful product in the shower is Pledge furniture cleaner.  It will help the water and grime bead right off of your shower walls.  I recommend giving your shower walls a good deep cleaning before applying the pledge cleaner.  This way you will not seal in the dirt and grime.  Simply spray it on the clean dry walls and wipe it in with a wash cloth or paper towel.